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dear god! why can't lj just stop messing with things
that do NOT need fixing? i miss this place though... just saying.

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i am very much alive and am always around.
thank you very much.

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(250). 2012 SCRAPBOOK.
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no matter what, it's always you.

i thought of him... again. i talked to one of my best friends (who's at the states) for more than three hours yesterday... half of the time was ME talking about BRIAN. my bff was analyzing just about everything... like how can brian NOT have feelings for me? well, he DID... he just never told me. anyway, i've been crying for a few days already because of brian but you don't have to worry about that. below the cut are OLD entries from a really old journal. it's tl;dr but you can read it if you want to...

... pouring out so much tears as i do this.Collapse )

there's more but i'll add those later... i'm hurting so much right now so i need a break. i can't believe it'll be three years since i fell for him. /sigh

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justine. 24. full filipina and forever a proud islander of guam. currently a las vegas resident. fangirling freak at heart. bluntly straightforward. i love, live, breathe harry potter, all-things-asian (infinite ∞), animanga, making/collecting pixelated creations, coffee, green tea, ice cream, pastries, nail polishes, tokidoki, lesportsac, and hard liquor.
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